Market Analysis and Benefit Realization Management (BRM) Solutions??
  • Product Type : Industry Analysis
  • Publisher : Mind Commerce Publishing
  • Publication Date : Jul 20, 2011
  • Product Code : 538442
  • Pages : 40

Information Technology (IT) is a significant component of capital spending for most companies, representing typically 50 % to 75 % of total expenditures. Benefit Realization Management (BRM) is an approach used to identify, prioritize and optimize business benefits arising from IT projects, which cannot be done effectively through traditional financial techniques. It is also known as value management and is an excellent process for determining optimal investments in infrastructure, general IT, and support services.

This research is very valuable on its own and is also an excellent complement to other technology/market research as an aid in the technology investment decision process.

Anyone involved in IT, infrastructure, network equipment, software, application (etc.) investment decisions, business case development, etc.

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